Nice to be told that your is having a direct impact on sales. Take that, doubters.

Twitter changes name: users lose their shit
Yammer changes name: …

Will machine learning ever overcome the shit equation: shit in = shit out?

Just when you thought Braverman had reached peak tory, she decides homelessness is a choice. Cunt.

I wonder if this weather is bad enough to have a human name. I wonder so much that I definitely won’t check.

Are you a developer and you're worried that your code is full of bugs? Switch to dark mode. Light attracts bugs.

The products pictured contain nicotine which is a highly-addictive substance. 

Tell me, what’s your flavour?

Salesforce Trailheads read more like advertorials for Salesforce products than training documentation.

Ahsoka related question: how do comms work whilst in hyperspace transit?

I want an army of bats. Not just because I’m Batman (don’t tell anyone) but because they eat mosquitoes, and I hate mosquitoes.

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve been working on something creative for so long that you begin to hate it?

Dear Government, please stop trying to invade our online privacy and instead, please try to protect it like they are doing in the EU. Thanks.

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