On most days, I’d rather eat something simple and boring than something interesting and nice because it takes a lot of effort to enjoy things. Even really nice things. Is that an autism thing or just a “Lee is a weirdo” thing?

I seem to be the only active person on this Mastodon server so I think I should probably move. Thinking ravenation.club might be the best option, seeing as I make music. Anyone care to chime in?

When my login credentials at work reset and I have to do the dance of a thousand authentications.

You’ll have to imagine the meme picture that should be here. I can’t be arsed.

That feeling when you see a nice job opportunity that you would smash out of the park if only you had the degree their prerequisites demand...

What feeling is that?

Mostly smugness because you know it's their loss.

It would be even better if I could transfer tabs, history, and bookmarks between browsers too.

Whatever you do, don’t migrate from HubSpot to Pardot. That is the wrong direction.

But I get interaction on TikTok, so that’s something.

Yeah, I know. Nobody is listening anyway, so it doesn’t really matter that much.

- he shouts into the social media void

Was going to post another album preview but I’m getting 403 errors and I can’t be arsed to work out why. Sorry.

Never noticed before but the South Western Railway logo looks like a fucked & broken British Rail logo. Funny.

Netflix documentaries do love to fly close to conspiracy theories.

No, I can’t remember all of the performance metrics for that particular keyword. It’s one of about 8,000 that I’m monitoring, and it’s not one of the really important ones.

Oh wait, actually I can remember it because I’m a freak.

And I wonder why people expect so much…

Microsoft Outlook’s checkboxes can get in the bin.

That moment when you start learning Python and realise that the indents are the main reason it looks like gobbledygook.

My “smart” meter just told me I’ve gone over budget on electricity this week. Okay. What am I supposed to do? Run the appliances backwards until the number goes down again? Also: I have a budget? Did I set that? Why would I do that?

OMG. Cloud-based AI mastering just changed my life. FL Cloud is so good...

Or do I just poop out that DnB EP I’m sitting on… No. Don’t get distracted. Ugh.

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Today is the day I stop procrastinating and finish the post-production on my difficult second album.


We’ll see.

Also, imposter syndrome. Or it’s crap. No. Stop that, Pilchard. It’s good. Finish it.

See? 😂

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