Just seen a over . Appeared green… copper? Weird atmospheric illusion?

Well done, Keith, you’ve guaranteed a tory win in the next election.

Twitter: Should you put your press releases on your own site even though they will be reproduced verbatim elsewhere without a canonical link?

Imagine you’re in a meeting and one of the attendees is looking at porn instead of paying attention to the meeting. In the real world, that person gets fired and you won’t see them at the next meeting.

I see the tory first line of defence (lying and gaslighting) is working well at local gov level too. @BCPCouncil@twitter.com meeting councillors in Covid voting row: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dors

Anyone need a freelance writer with a tech background? A colleague of mine is taking the plunge and going freelance in July. He's very very good and he will need work. Get at me if you want his details.

Something for the Mac folks out there: Had some adware on my Mac. Neither Bitdefender nor MacKeeper could get rid but Etre Check found and killed it with no problem. etrecheck.com/

Tyson Fury retiring? I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve seen a fighter more fight-ready than he is since Joe Calzaghe.

First day back in the office for some time. Other people's noisy notifications are so fucking annoying. Why can't people just roll on silent?

If I became a millionaire, I could really do some good. Or I could invest that million, become a multi-millionaire and do even more good. Or I could invest those millions, become a billionaire and do even more good. Or I could invest that billion… I can see how it happens.

I don’t really need every email I’ve ever sent or received, do I? Time for a three-decade purge.

Here's a list of types of person that I would like to fuck off:

-haters of queer people
-cryptocurrency shills
-people who think there are good nation states
-so-called "minor-attracted persons"

If the inclusion of any of the items on this list make you mad, then I would also like to invite you to kindly fuck off. #Introduction #Introductions

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Facebook says it doesn't use click farms.
My latest campaign is getting a lot of traction in Russian occupied territories from accounts that look fake AF and go no further than the clickthrough.
I'm sure Facebook is using click farms.
Sorry, Eastern Europe, no more ads for you.

Weird that my ad campaign is getting so much traffic from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and occupied areas of Ukraine. It’s almost as if Meta encourages click farms. It’s almost as if it’s free money for them.

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