@pilchard Social media in general is turning to shit .. stopped doing ads many moons ago because of it.

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@matias You’re not wrong. Google Ads isn’t much better either.

@pilchard pffft... they are the worse. don't get me started on LinkedIn ... fcking thieves mate

@matias LOL. Haven’t used LinkedIn ads for a very long time. It just feels dirty paying that much for a single click. You can buy a pint for less and get much more ROI.

@pilchard 😂 The only (and last) time i used them .. i set a budget of like £100 to test it out .. at the end of month I got an invoice for like £1K .. I told them not so politely to fuck off..

@pilchard Needless to say that I didn't pay them ... they sent me a few "angry" emails, which I responded with even angrier ones.. at the end, they just gave up.

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